Will Homeowners Insurance Cover My Water Damage?

No one enjoys calling their insurance company to file a claim. What’s worse, is not knowing whether your insurance company will cover the claim. Imagine you have just come home to a flood caused by a burst pipe. Fighting with the claims department is the last thing you want to do. How do you know if your homeowner’s insurance will cover your water damage insurance claim? Today we will discuss just what constitutes a flood, and what insurance companies cover.


The Flood


The homeowner’s insurance dilemma that plagues all people when they file a claim is: what caused the water damage? Was it a broken pipe, a faulty sump pump or a roof leak? Worse, was it a natural disaster such as a flood? Perhaps you’re in a specific situation where your home has both fire and water damage because the fire was put out with fireman’s hoses. Then, after you have water damage, you worry about mold. It’s not just a flood you have to worry about. Unfortunately, unless you have special flood insurance, your water damage insurance claim won’t cover a flood. It’s the flood of worries that come after discovering something has gone wrong with your beloved home.


What is a Flood


While you’re dealing with a flood of emotions you may also ask what is considered a flood. This can change to each insurance company. However, an overflowing river, overflowing lake, a hurricane, a tsunami, a mudslide and maybe even heavy rains can be considered flood causing. In northern states, ice jams on rivers often cause flooding in the spring as well.


Working Fast is Best


It’s important to work fast when you find you have water damage in your home. If you discover you have water damage you need to call your insurance company and restoration company immediately. Once you hear that about the instructions for your water damage insurance claim, you should call a water loss mitigation contractor. Rainbow International Restoration is an excellent choice in Northeastern Maryland. We serve you 24/7 and are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification.


How Water Damage is Repaired


Usually, water damage is assessed on a case by case basis. While every case is different, certain tools are used to determine if water damage should be considered clean water or dirty water. If is determined to be dirty water, then it is considered sewage. This type water damage insurance claim would be cleaned up by using a vacuum unit and air movers. Additionally, dehumidifiers are also used. The drywall is also tested to see how much moisture seeped into it. This is done with a moisture reader. This is notable because it helps to ensure that mold is prevented.


Peace of Mind for Insurance and You


At Rainbow International Restoration of Northeastern Maryland, your insurance company will have peace of mind knowing that our technicians document every stage of work. With photographs and written documents, they know how important it is to you, and your insurance water damage claim. We work so that you are reimbursed, and help to make your home whole again.preview-full-water-damage