Reduce Carpet Damage by Cleaning Out Air Vents

Many of us use forced air based systems in our homes and workplaces. However, a lot of times, these systems are not appropriately cleaned out and maintained. If not done properly, the system can, along with the warm air, push out harmful objects like dust and particles, which can harm your health, furniture, and cause carpet damage.

Building up of dust:

With the coming of winter, air vents are often used to warm up homes and offices. This can cause dust and particles to build up in the air vents. When air blows through them, this can cause health problems like Asthma and can collect in your carpeting. Not only does this cause a hygiene problem, it can also be unhealthy for the dust to collect in your carpeting, as it can further encourage carpet damage, along with propagating infections and diseases.

Development of molds:

In the winters, there is a climate of moisture, humidity, and particularly in the air vents, it is relatively warm. This is the ideal environment which encourages the development and growth of molds. As a result, your air vents can become infected with molds, which can be difficult to see and in the form of pores. When the mold is blown out through the air vent, it can be inhaled and if it lands on your carpeting, can cause serious damage.

Vermin infestations and costs:

With the build-up of molds and unhygienic conditions, the air vents can become a target for potential vermin infestation. These vermin, such as rats, can be extremely unsafe and can also cause damage in the home like carpet and furniture damages and the spreading of infections. This is why at the earliest sign of droppings or at any sighting of vermin, you should immediately have your air vents inspected and cleaned out. This will not only reduce your chances of infection, it will also reduce your long-term costs.

Why you should get your air vents cleaned out:

Although it can be tempting to ignore all warning signs, it si generally a good idea to regularly clean out your air vents. You can, as a result, reduce chances of being in contact with dust, molds, mildew, and vermin. And although it seems like an expensive project, in the long run, you are saving money on health problems and furniture and carpet damages.

Who should you contact to clean out air vents?

Cleaning out air vents seems like a simple enough job, but most people are not qualified to do it efficiently. This is why you should consider contacting professionals to do the work as they are trained to look for potential areas of harm that you might not even notice. In addition to this, they have access to correct instruments and tools that they can use to properly ensure your home’s air vents are clean and as a result can reduce any chances of carpet damage.

So if you haven’t had your home’s air vents inspected and cleaned out recently, do so as soon as you can and make sure you can avoid carpet damage and health risks.