Fire Restoration and How It Works

Often times, after a fire, once the emergency has been dealt with, the homeowner may be worried about what they should do next. Although the fire itself has been dealt with, new problems may start to present themselves. This is the time when the homeowner should contact a restoration services company who can now begin to work on assessment of damage and repair processes.

Assessment of damages from the fire:

Once your restoration team arrive to the home, they will start off by making an inventory of all the fire-related damages. They will have a thorough inspection of your home, documenting all the problems and how they plan on fixing it. This can also help you out when you file your insurance claim, as they need an inventory of damages.

Assessment of potential water damages:

The next thing the restoration company will work on will be potential water damages to your home. Water is often used to put out fires, and as a result, can be left standing. In such cases, the water can cause severe problems in the future, such as mold development and growth. This is why after assessment of damages, the team will work quickly to remove the water and prevent any further problems from emerging.

Assessment of damages to the structure of your home:

The team then starts work on the foundation and structural stability of your home. Often, this time is also used to inspect the items in the home and to discard any damages items. As anyone with precious possessions can tell you, this is often difficult for the families as they have to lose a lot of their personal and dear belongings. Although restoration companies can help out with the repair of slightly damaged furniture, those items that are badly damages cannot be restored and have to be eventually discarded.

Professional cleaning of smoke odors, soot and developing mold:

Cleaning the soot from the house after a fire can be very difficult, but it is also vital to prevent any mold development in the future. This is why the restoration company will focus on the cleaning out of your home next. This cleaning is done using professional tools such as dehumidifiers to ensure that no water is left standing and no soot is left unattended. Smoke odors can also be dealt with effectively to remove the horrible smell after a fire using effective tools.

Repairs to the structure of your home:

Now that the home has been cleaned out, the next thing to do is to clean up the structure of the home, and to make sure that it is sound. An unstable structure can cause you a lot of problems in the future so this should be dealt with quickly. Finally, the team will return any items they have restored.

Fire damages can be difficult to work with, but with knowledge and a professional restoration team on your side, your home will soon go back to the way it was once before.