Factors that Influence the Length of Emergency Damage Restoration

After a storm causes severe damage, you want life to get back to normal as soon as possible. The severe damage from a storm is traumatic. However, restoring order helps heal not only your home, but any fears you may have. That means you want a restoration team to come in and repair what they can as fast as possible. Don’t let your emergency damage restoration get slowed due to various factors after a storm. Today we discuss some of these factors.

Type of Storm

The first factor that influences emergency damage restoration depends on the type of storm that has occurred. While you have damage, such as flooding, many others may have it as well. This damage may have occurred from massive thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, ice storms or even tropical storms. If paths to you are made unsafe by damage from these storms, emergency damage restoration is going to be delayed, and potentially prolonged. Thunderstorms, tropical storms, and tornadoes can bring flooding, but also cause damage to power lines which makes taking care of that flooding unsafe if we’re unsure about electrical lines.  Blizzards and ice storms may also drop power lines while freezing pipes, often leading to burst pipes. However, the safety issue with winter weather storms is often iced or un-plowed roads and sometimes even white out conditions if the blizzard conditions persist.

Size of the Restoration

When we gain access into your home and see the damage caused by the storm, we evaluate the amount of damage caused. This tells us the size of the restoration. Each emergency damage restoration job is different because each home is different, and thus it takes a different approach. When you have a large area to take care of, it also takes longer to restore. This means the length of the job is longer. Furthermore, when we begin to restore what we see as damaged, it often reveals more damage than what was previously thought. Of course, this happens for many reasons, but it also means extending the job.

Insurance Company Contact

We coordinate with your insurance agent. This takes the headache out of the work for you, but this can also prolong the length of storm damage restoration. If you have storm damage, it is likely others have damage as well. Your insurance agent will likely be trying to coordinate with other restoration companies that his other clients will use. That does not make it easier for us to get into contact with him or her, particularly if a fairly bad storm has come through. We get through to your insurance agent as soon as possible, however, this can sometimes prolong the emergency damage restoration.

There can be various factors that affect emergency damage restoration. From the type of storm that blows through causing you to need restoration services to the size of your restoration, we do our best to be fast and efficient. Sometimes it isn’t even the storm or the size of the restoration, it may just be a contact that’s out of contact. Whatever it is that may prolong the restoration process, we try our best to make life back to normal as fast as possible at Rainbow International of Northeastern Maryland.