Have You Had Your Ducts Cleaned Lately?

It’s that time of the year again, and the heat is going to be turned on sooner than you think. The heat in most hpreview-full-have-you-had-your-ducts-cleaned-latelyouses will flow through your air ducts, just like cool air that may have been on a lot this summer. Which also means you need to consider if it’s time to get your ducts cleaned. Duct cleaning is beneficial not only for the health of the inhabitants of your space, but also to prolong your system. It can also save on heating and cooling costs.


How duct cleaning is beneficial


When it comes to safety, duct cleaning is important for your home or office. Air flows through your duct system frequently, and in that air there are contaminants and pollutants. While most healthy people deal with the average contaminants and pollutants every day, some of these may stay in your ducts and become harmful. That is not to say that the contaminants and pollutants from your duct system are the main cause of illness for visitors and residents. Contaminants and pollutants enter your home or office through various ways, such as people coming in from outdoors, pets, and even cooking. However, duct cleaning may cut down on the number of pollutants and contaminants. You may wish to get your ducts cleaned if your duct system has visible mold growth inside a hard surface. It’s important to not only have an inspection if you suspect there’s mold, but to clean it right away.


Duct cleaning could improve energy efficiency


The EPA has released studies stating that keeping your heating and cooling system clean could improve your energy efficiency. That means lower energy bills. Your air ducts are a part of your heating and cooling system. Ignoring the other aspects of your system will not help if you only clean your ducts, so it’s important to treat the entire heating and cooling system. It’s particularly important to have clean air ducts, when your heating system is a fuel burning furnace. When cleaning ducts routinely, if your system is fuel burning the service that cleans your ducts can make sure that you’re protected against carbon monoxide poisoning. It does this by making sure that your system is properly functioning. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer and often forgotten in the hassle of preparing for winter.


Rainbow Restoration cleans your ducts


If cleaning your ductwork not only takes care of pollutants and contaminants, as well as lowering energy costs, why wouldn’t you? If your heating system is fuel burning, it is particularly important to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s where Rainbow Restoration comes in. At Rainbow Restoration, located in Northeastern Maryland, our friendly team of professionals are experts in duct cleaning. We do work for all the insurance companies of Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties.


If you are in need of duct cleaning due to restoration, look no further. We can restore properties due to fire, flood, and mold. A 24/7 company with IICRC certification, we do background checks on all of our employees so you’re more than comfortable to invite them into your home or office for such a delicate and important task. Cleaning ducts seems like a dull job, but at Rainbow Restoration it’s far from it. We’re cleaning your ducts to protect your business or home from catastrophe and that’s not dull at all. Give Rainbow Restoration of Northeastern Maryland a call to set up your duct cleaning today.