Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice BlastingAlso known as C02 blasting, dry ice dusting, environmentally sustainable cleaning, and dry ice cleaning, dry ice blasting is an economically friendly way to clean or prepare equipment.

Soda blasting, or other abrasive methods can cause damage if not used correctly. Dry ice blasting however, is non-abrasive in nature, and safer to use. That is why most industrial facilities are choosing dry ice blasting methods over the others.

Rainbow International is a full service restoration company which specializes in all areas of restoration, including dry ice blasting services. Servicing the Harford, Baltimore and Cecil counties, we have an established reputation surrounding our fast response and outstanding customer service.

When you choose Rainbow International for your dry ice blasting needs, you will not be disappointed. We have worked with all kinds of industries including printing and packaging, food processing plants as well as textile plants. We have a team of certified technicians who understand the specific nuances of dry ice blasting, and can help you achieve your cleaning goals.

Between our fast response and quality work, we have what it takes to be your go-to company for dry ice blasting. Licensed, bonded and insured, we have the coverage to take on any sized project.

If you need quality restoration services or would like to speak with one of our trained professionals, give us a call at 877-853-2445 for a free evaluation of your dry ice blasting needs!

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

With alternatives in the marketplace including sandblasting, soda blasting and other abrasive cleaning techniques, what makes dry ice blasting so unique? Rainbow International has the capability to execute all different types of cleaning, but chooses dry ice blasting most frequently because of the following reasons:

  • Non-Abrasive: Our clients are becoming more educated in cleaning methods and are seeking solutions that will not accelerate the depreciation of their capital equipment. Many of the cleaning techniques currently used such as sand or soda blasting can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Dry Ice blasting does not leave additional damage to your equipment. This way, you can maintain the cleanliness of your equipment, without damage.
  • Non- Flammable: You would be surprised that other cleaning techniques available can be hazardous to your facility. One false move and you could have a severe catastrophe on your hands. Rainbow International understands the importance of safety in your industrial facility, which is why we have mastered dry ice blasting techniques. When you choose dry ice blasting, you are selecting a low risk, but effective cleaning technique that provides great results.
  • Authorized for use in Food Plants: The FDA requires stringent regulations for a good reason. There simply is not room for error when it comes to the safety of the food we ingest. Equipment on-site needs to be cleaned, but must be done quickly, safely and effectively. Dry Ice blasting is the best option because it does not leave behind grit or particulates, is authorized by the FDA, and gets the job done quickly. Rainbow International has invested in the proper equipment and training to handle any sized piece of equipment located at any food plant.
  • Gentle on your materials: Do not mistake gentle for weakness. The greatest feature of dry ice blasting is its ability to avoid damage while cleaning, but still provide an aggressive clean.

Dry ice blasting uses a soft ice, which is accelerated at exponential speeds during the cleaning process. These small bursts of energy cause dirt, grime and contaminants to lift off the surface of the material. Other forms of cleaning use an abrasive media to get the job done. When the abrasive material interacts at the surface area of the item being cleaned, scratches and other damage can wear the item.

The fact that dry ice is so gentle is the number one reason our clients choose to use this cleaning method.

Take Action

If you are tired of experiencing damage to your expensive equipment, but still need to routinely keep it cleaned and maintained, give our dry ice blasting services a try. Environmentally friendly, approved for the rigorous regulations of the food industry and gentle in its approach, dry ice blasting is not only an economical, but safe cleaning application.

Our staff of qualified professionals is readily available to take your call.

If you would like to schedule a free estimate and learn more about how dry ice blasting can be the solution you are looking for, call Rainbow International at 877-853-2445 to schedule a time to meet with one of our professionals!