Are you Breathing in Clean Air?

Prevention is better than cure. While we cannot really control or even begin to remedy the kind of damage humanity has inflected on the environment, what we can do is to exercise better control over the quality of air we breathe inside our homes. This may or may not come as a surprise, but the quality of air you breathe may not be the most healthy and or conducive to good health. And there are several reasons why this may be the case.

What Impacts Air Quality in your Home

The way you live in general is detrimental to the quality of air in your home. This means, the kind of habits you adopt, where and how you store goods, and how you use certain items can have an impact on the air quality. In addition, even the construction of your home can play a big role in the kind of air quality present in your home.

Changes you need to make now!

Modern living has simplified a lot of things. And while it has also given rise to potential risks which cannot be avoided entirely, their impact on the environment and our health can be limited to a very large extent. So for instance, the cleaning agents you use on a regular basis, or disinfectants and or even bug sprays definitely do a lot of good. However, if these are not handled properly, they can cause a lot of damage. So be mindful about how you use them and also where and how you store these goods.

Most of these items come with storage instructions, which if carried out properly can minimize any danger they pose. Remember, if they are left in an area where they are exposed to air, there are always chances that this air will circulate within your home. Also, when using strong cleaning agents, it is always best to use protective gear such as gloves and a face mask to avoid direct contact with the solution.

Mold can Impact your more than the Air in your Home

If you feel your home is damp or if there is a dank and musty smell in your house, then chances are you might have a mold or mildew issue. A moist place where air flow is restricted is idea for growth of mold and mildew. In addition to impacting how the air in that space smells, mold and mildew can be harmful to health and your property. In addition to causing allergic reactions which include red eyes, runny nose and sneezing, mold can also lead to serious respiratory conditions such as asthma. Another cause of concern is that if you have children, the elderly, or someone with a health condition, the impact on their health is far greater. The biggest danger that mold and mildew pose is that they can spread rapidly and across the length and breadth of your living space impacting the air quality where ever they take roots.

Other Factors that Impact Air Quality

If you are moving into an old home, employ the services of a restoration company to ensure a complete and thorough clean-up of the house which includes the flooring, the walls, ceiling and other important areas. Install alarms to detect leakage of gases such as carbon monoxide and radon.

In conclusion, regular airing and minimizing moisture buildup is crucial to maintaining the quality of air in your home. If you feel there is a need for a clean- up due to any reason, then do consider employing the services of a restoration company.

Soot Removal after Fire Damage – What you need to know

Fire is inclusive in the kind of damage it causes to both life and property. The impact is as much physical and psychological as it is a financial. Based on the cause and the response to containing a fire, the damage from a fire can be extensive and affect your entire property or it can be limited and relatively less damaging. In addition to the obvious damage and smoke, one of the trouble areas with a fire is soot.

Soot is a Big Problem

In a fire if materials such as wood, plasters, foam, plastics and fibers catch fire, then the resultant soot can be a massive and potentially dangerous condition to deal with. One of the properties of soot it that it attaches itself to all surfaces which includes your walls and ceilings. In addition to looking ungainly, because soot can be both dry and oily, the kind of damage can be nuanced which means the cleaning needs to be customized.

If the damage is very small and very limited, you can opt for a DIY approach. However, if the damage is far and wide, then you definitely should consider seeking professional help from a fire damage restoration company.

Keep yourself Protected Always

Safety is and rightfully should be your number one criteria when dealing with damage after a fire. This includes soot damage as well. Even after the fire has been put out, there are several safety issues to bear in mind when dealing with the aftermath. If you go in unawares, you could end up perpetuating the damage to both the property and to yourself.

  • Number one rule of safety – always wear protective gear such as gloves, boots, and a face mask to cover up as much exposed skin as possible.
  • Rule number two – never touch soot directly. If you do, chances are you will transfer it to another area.
  • Rule number three – ensure the room is properly ventilated to avoid breathing in soot particles and also to ensure that the air is circulated.

Only after this should you try and attempt to salvage any items or materials damaged in the fire.

Dealing with Soot Damage

Any kind of fire damage comes with an unspoken caveat – seek professional help always. The reason as mentioned earlier is that fire damage is very inclusive. And as such, the kind of restoration work involved needs to be carefully planned and carried out. If the damage is huge and you are looking at damage to structure and material, professional help is the best way forward. If the fire was a high oxygen blaze, then the cleaning can be carried out using a dry sponge. In the opposite scenario, soot cleaning will include water. In both cases, smearing is a big issue.


If left to untrained hands, the cleanup can lead to greater damage. Professional fire restoration technicians know which type of soot they are dealing with and are able to employ the correct cleaning approach and agents to ensure complete clean-up.

Say Good Bye to Odor – Start Living a Healthier Life!

The sense of smell is one of the most important senses after sight and hearing. In fact, fragrances and odors not only trigger memories both good and bad, but they also serve as a warning. A gas leak, burning smells from the kitchen, or a sewage leak warns you something is amiss and can get you to quickly take appropriate safety actions. You spend the majority of your time at your home so obviously, how your home smells is crucial. So the big question is – if you have an odor situation at home, what can you do about it?

Topical Cleaning Works Great – So Don’t Ignore It

Some forms of odor if they are on a small scalecan be quickly and easily taken care by a homeowner. And you don’t really need any kind of technical experience. However, professionals will be needed for more stubborn, unpleasant smells. Both seasonal and regular daily/weekly/monthly cleaning of your home can drastically cut down the chances of your home developing an odor situation.

Common Problem Areas and Potential Health Risk

Every house has common trouble sources/areas that should be cleaned on a regular basis. Your furniture, carpets and drapes, furniture, clothing space, storage space etc. can and often are the most easily affected. Another issue here is that with topical cleaning you can get rid of the immediate scent. But the source of the odor does not get addressed properly. And over a period of time, it can pose a health risk. Pet soiling, mold, fire and smoke damage, decomposition, are all serious issues that can pose a serious health risk. The risk is compounded if you have little children and elders living with you.

Don’t Delay Seeking Professional Help

If you feel the odor situation at your house poses an immediate health risk or if it can be a potential health risk, then it is time to call in the professionals. Odor removal specialists are trained specially tolocateand destroy the source of the odor. Of course, in the event you have a fire and smoke situation, then any kind of odor removal can only be addressed after the affected area has been cleaned up.

Once the source of the odor is destroyed, odor removal professionals will thoroughly clean all surfaces and or items that were affected by the source which includes all the common trouble areas such as furniture, clothing, and drywall among other areas. If these areas are not cleaned, the smell or odorwill continue to linger and might even come back.


Odor removal professionals understand that the most effective way of arresting and addressingodor sources is by eliminating airborne contaminants which latch on to surfaces and fester until the odor situation gets out of control. When this happens your health and the health of your family can be at risk. Also remember, that in most instances, lingering stench of any kind emanates from sources that are hazardous to both humans and pets. Getting to the source of the problem as quickly as possible is always the best and most effective course of action when addressing odor damage.

4 Important Questions about Odor Control Answered

If you are a property owner, residential or commercial, then you are probably not new to odor contamination. You probably are also well aware that not only can odor contamination be extremely offensive to the sense, but more importantly if not addressed in a timely manner, it can pose an active health threat to both humans and animals. So here are 4 questions answered on odor contamination and control that every property owner needs to know.

What are the common sources of Odor Contamination?

While odor causing sources are plenty and they can be unique to a situation or area, the most common sources of odor around a residential property or commercial property include excess moisture, flood damage,fire and smoke, carpeting and upholstery, food storage, impacted or faulty drainage system, and any other surface or area where bacteria can actively flourish. If left untreated indefinitely, each of these sources can build repulsive smells and increase toxicity that is harmful to all forms of life.

What is the most Effective way of Dealing with Odor Contamination?

Cleaning up the source of odor first is not only the most effective way of dealing with odor contamination but it is also the first step in addressing odor removal.  Even in the case of flood damage where mold and bacteria cause odor problems, or with fires where the resulting smoke is a primary odor source and health risk, the first step is always to clean up and sanitize the impacted area first. In the case of a fire, smoke can permeate through furniture, walls, ceilings, and carpets among other places. So it is vital that the area is first completely and extensively cleaned before any kind of odor removal steps can be followed.

In the case of bacteria, the source is often organic in nature. So the elimination of odor here requires a very targeted approach. The danger here is that unless the bacteria causing source is not addressed, the issue can come back again. The most common form of treatment in this situation is the use of an oxidizer or enzyme that can break down the organic matter.

When should you call in a Professional?

If you find thatthe odor problem cannot be addressed even after cleaning or if you are unable to locate the source of the odor, and or if the causes of odor contamination are smoke or organic in nature, then a professional is better equipped to handle the situation.

How can Odor Removal Specialists help me?

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified professionals are trained to locate and isolate the source of the odor and then through the use of latest technologies and substances, to quickly eliminate repulsive smells. Even if you have fire and smoke damage or flood damage, these professionals are trained to detect the source of infiltration and in the use of the most idealmaterial and equipment to deal with odor removal. In the case of water damage, drying of material is a crucial step. However in most instances, given the scale and extent of seepage and damage, the work is best carried out by a professional.

How You Can File an Insurance Claim after Smoke Damages

One of the worst things about a fire is that the resulting damages can just keep on coming. One such example that will irk homeowners is smoke damages and water issues as a result of the fire. However, because these problems can prove to be very unsafe to deal with on your own, you should call up a restoration company to deal with the particulars. They have the right tools and techniques, not to mention ample experience in the matter and they can restore your home back to the way it was in no time.

What smoke damages are and how they affect your home:

Smoke damages occur as a result of both the smells and the residues left behind inside your home as a resulting of a fire burning any materials. Each material produces a specific smell of burning, and their level of damages are variable as well. For synthetic materials, the residues left behind are black and oily, and paper leaves behind a powdery residue. The type of cleaning product and the technique used to remove the smell and residues all depend on the kind of materials burnt, and it is important for the restoration team to factor that in.

Fires and their resultant damages can affect a lot of materials inside the home, such as ceilings, clothing, walls, jewelry, furniture, windows, art, books, and photographs. However, even apart from all of this, if the smoke damages inside your home are left untreated for long periods of time, the damage will become permanent.

Filing an insurance claim for smoke damages:

When you have to call up your insurance company, you should keep in mind a couple of things. Firstly, call your insurance agent as soon as you can after a fire. Secondly, don’t forget to stay on top of your insurance policy. Make sure that you are covered for fire and smoke damages in the declarations page, and make sure you are aware of any deadlines that you have to keep up with. Another good practice to keep in mind is to take as many pictures of the damages as possible so you have a record of all of the damages you experienced.

You’ll want to call up a professional restoration team that can offer you all the services you need and also help you in the assessment of damages as a part of their restoration plan. They can also help you gather the information you need to file your insurance claim. This will include the date and location of the incident, the type of damages, your contact information, the police report, estimates of the remediation, the receipts of all repairs and costs, an itinerary of the damages and a timeline of what happened during the fire.

If you ever experience a fire in your home, do not hesitate to call up your local restoration company. Not only will they come up with an effective restoration plan, they will also work with the insurance company to make the filing of your claim as easy as possible.

Getting Rid of Water Damage Odors from Your Home

One thing that can come out after a water damage incident inside your home is that an odor can remain. This problem can often be left ignored, which can become a serious problem. If the smell lingers inside the home, this could be indicative of mold growing inside the home as a result of exposure to damp and moist conditions. This is why it is essential to get rid of these odors, which can be done using the tips mentioned below.

Removing the mold smells from your carpets:

Removing the smell of mold or mildew may seem to be a difficult task, but in reality it’s very simple and easy. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you know what the source is and that it has been fixed properly so it is not an issue anymore. The removal is pointless if the source is still producing more smell. Next, you should call up a mold remediation company who can help you deal with smells inside the home, especially taking care that there are no health and safety concerns for you.

Prevention of mold growth on the carpets:

Once the damages have been dealt with, you’ll need to try and prevent any further mold growth on the same area using preventative methods. This way you can save up on the costs of having to fix up your home and you’ll have a healthier and safer space in the long run.

Dry out the area:

The first thing you’ll need to do is to keep the area as dry as possible. The more there is moisture, the more you will attract mold growth. If there are any windows nearby, open them and let the fresh air ventilate the area. Furthermore, you can use dehumidifiers to pull out the moisture from the air, along with fans that can help the drying process and overall increase the ventilation of air around the room.

Use cleaning solutions and baking soda:

Next, you will want to clean up the carpet. You can make up your own cleaning solution by combining around 1 cup vinegar with around 2 cups water. Now, spray the carpet with this smell, taking care not to overdo it. You can also put baking soda all over the area in question. Baking Soda is an excellent choice because it is safe for use around kits and pets, and works quickly. Leave the Baking Soda overnight and you’ll smell nothing the next day.

Other household items that can be used:

In addition to the substances mentioned above, you can also you some other household items to clear up the lingering smell from water damages. One of these is vinegar. All you need to do is place vinegar around the room in bowls and leave it for a couple of days. A few days later, your home will be back to normal. You can also use cat litter. Simply place it in containers around the room and change the litter every now and then. You’ll find the smell gone in no time.

How to Make Sure Your Home’s Is Safe from Fires

One of the most important things that a family can do is to sit down together and discuss their future and their plans. One such plan that every family should have straightened out at some point is one relating to fire safety. This is a list of rules that a family should follow whenever they encounter a fire in the home. The plan details all of the steps that need to be followed in case of a fire, along with following preventative methods and ensuring a fire never has to happen in the first place. The ultimate goal is that the family should be safe in emergencies.

The benefits of having a proper fire safety plan:

Fires may seem like a distant, faraway threat, but they are actually very common. This rate is especially high for families who don’t have their home’s checked against a fire prevention list. These lists detail simple preventative measures you and your family can undertake to reduce the risk of a fire. Along with that, you can work on and practice a fire safety plan so your family knows exactly what to do in case of a fire. You should involve every member of the family, and they should all be aware of their specific roles in the fire safety plan.

Tips on reducing the risk of fire in your home:

You can reduce the risk of fire in your home by following simple steps. One of the most important ones, as talked about above, is to create and work on a fire safety plan. This was you will know what to do in a fire, and you can keep yourself and your family safe in case there is ever a fire. Also, you and your family can get together and practice the fire plan to make sure that it runs smoothly and there are no kinks in your plan.  One important part of this is evacuation, so make sure you know exactly how to exit every room in case of fires.

Check your smoke alarms and fire extinguisher:

Make sure that you have all the smoke detectors and alarms in the home tested. If the smoke alarms are working properly, test them with your plan. If they aren’t then have them fixed immediately. Remember to replace the batteries of the smoke alarms every now and then, and that if your smoke detector is more than 10 years old, have it replaced as it can malfunction. Also test your fire extinguisher and make sure it is working, and that there is no need for replacement, such as reduced pressure. Place it somewhere it can easily be found.

Other simple tips:

There also other small scale things you can do to prevent fires. One such thing is to reduce any chances of overloading a power outlet. If you overburden it, it may fuse, which is a common cause of household fires. Also, when using the fireplace, make sure the chimney functions properly before you light a fire, and never leave a candle unattended. Furthermore, remember to always place generators outside and to be careful around space heaters.

Important Things to Know to Hire a Drain Cleaner

If you have a clogged drain, you aren’t on your own. Surprisingly, this is a very common phenomenon. Not only are the clogged drains time-consuming, they are also a huge problem for the homeowner. Unfortunately, this can lead many people to go the easy way, and try to fix the problem on their own. This can only further increase the problem as they don’t have the experience and tools that a professional can bring to the table. In their attempt to do the work themselves, they can actually further damage their clothes, and even hurt themselves.

  • Be quick to notice slow moving drains:

Slow moving drains can seem like the kind of problem that doesn’t need a lot of attention, but they can actually be indicative of a much bigger issue. The presence of a slowly moving drain can actually be a sign that the pipes have started to narrow because of the build-up of clogging materials that don’t allow your drains to empty properly. This needs to be dealt with quickly by calling in a contractor to check on what exactly is causing the problem.

  • Check your home for persistent odor:

If you are continuously smelling odor from your home near the drains, this could indicate issues with the drainage system. This could be caused by the building up of pollutants inside the drain, which can help in the spreading of these smells. The next thing you need to do is to call up a professional who can help you with their expertise and training to catch the problem and eliminate the smell. They will do this by cleaning out the drains or replacing broken or damages pipes to bring the drainage system back to normal.

  • Call a professional instead of doing it yourself:

The way a professional can help you is that a professional can provide you with expertise that is based on years of experience. This means they can effectively identify the problem and work on a plan to help reduce any damages and restore your home to the way it was before. They also have the right tools that will allow them to work on the problem with ease.

  • How the drain is unclogged:

Once the drain has been inspected and the problem causing the clogging has been identified, the next thing the professional contractor will do is try and decide on the tools that will be used to unclog the drain. They will choose from tools such as water jets, drain snakes, and other cutting devices. The devices they use will depend of the kind of drain and the kind of clogging within that drain.

  • How can clogged drains be prevented:

One of the ways that you can prevent clogging inside the drain is to use screens to cover the drain and prevent hair getting stuck inside the drain. This is because hair can become a problem as it commonly causes clogging. Another thing that can be done is to be careful when you flush your toilet as things like toilet paper can also cause problems. In addition, you should never flush items such as cigarettes or feminine products

The Benefits of Getting a Content Pack Outs After Fire Damages

Content Pack Outs are a very helpful thing that a lot of reconstruction companies tend to do. What this means is that in case a situation like a fire happens and they are called in, the company will remove any and all materials in the home that have any chances of being undamaged. What this does is prevent any further problems and protecting you from added costs to take care of once you start building your home up again.

Why use pack outs:

When the restoration company will take the furniture out, they will make sure that it is taken care of by having it cleaned out and dried up. This way, once your home is claimed safe and you want to move back in, you can simply use it again. If they don’t do this, the underlying smoke residue and soot from the fire can still damage the furniture even after the fire is put out. There may even be water damages which can cause severe harm and loss of items.

Using an inventory:

Your restoration team will also make an inventory of all of the items in your home, the ones that have been damaged, and the ones that can be repaired. If you would like them to make repairs, you can also request them to make an inventory of required repairs. They then have it packed and cleaned, preventing further damages and returning them to you as soon as possible, to make sure you are happy with the result. If your home is still unsafe, the items will remain with the company until the home gets the A-Okay.

Boarding up of the items:

If you worry about the security of your items, you can ask the company to secure it from trespassers and thieves by having it boarded up. The home can also be boarded up to prevent any kind of robbery if you want to have it kept like that for security purposes.

Cleaning out your clothes:

One thing that you will need, especially if the home is unsafe and you can’t enter in, is your clothes. If you have your items packed out, you can actually get some help on this. You can request your restoration company to provide you with clothes on an emergency basis, so they will take care of restoring your clothes and removing the smoke and soot off them as a priority. Of course the time it takes for them to do this depends on the degree of damages.

Calling up a restoration company will make your awful experience with the fire and its damages a little bit better. If you feel overwhelmed at all of the work that needs to be done and need help, a restoration team is exactly what you need. Not only will they help you out by providing their services, but they’ll also make it a priority to make the experience as easy as possible for you.

The Potential Risks of Mold Growth

Most people living inside their homes are living in a relatively humid environment. This means they are at risk of potential mold attacks, especially toxic molds such as the Black Mold. This is a black and dark mold that tends to grow particularly well on material that is rich in cellulose, such as wallpapers, carpets, walls, tiles, and insulation, all materials that are often readily available inside the home.

The different kinds of molds:

The black mold can grow in many different kinds of species throughout the world. However, this isn’t the kind of mold you’ll find growing on plastic or bread. The mold is still a huge concern for anyone who owns property, especially in homes where there is some kind of water leak or water damages. The biggest problem with molds, however is that they don’t need a huge problem with water to survive. A small leak can wreak a lot of havoc inside a home, and hence can create an environment suitable for mold.

The problem is also that molds can also grow after a fire in your home. Many times after a fire, the home also undergoes some minor water damages as well. As a result, this may result in the creation of a suitable home for the mold to grow and thrive. The mold then grows, creates spores, and can spread throughout the home. This becomes a serious problem for the people living there as it poses a health hazard.

The potential health risks:

Commonly, molds are associated with a number of health risks. When it comes to toxic molds, the health risks are very serious. Some of these are Pulmonary Haemorrhages in infants, suppressed immune systems, nose bleeds, diarrhoea, loss of hair, fatigue, dermatitis, and even depression.

The removal of molds:

One of the biggest problems that people in the business of removing molds face is that there is concern on how effectively the mold can be removed. Not only that, the molds must be removed in such a way that they do not become a problem for the homeowners again. The best way of dealing with this is to be careful, especially when deciding on how to deal with the molds that can potentially contaminated with the mold.

Exposure to the mold is considered a serious problem, especially to people who are vulnerable, such as children. Their vulnerability can even lead to fatal outcomes or debilitating diseases. According to most major organisations, exposure poses a huge health hazard, which is why anyone coming into contact must be very careful not to put themselves in harm’s way. This is why it is best to call in the professionals. Not only will they be quick and reliable, they know what they are doing and they will keep it safe.

If you have any suspicions about mold growth in your home, all you need to do is call our professionals or visit We will conduct a thorough investigation, and see what is affecting your home. If it really is the Black Mold, don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything.