How You Can File an Insurance Claim after Smoke Damages

One of the worst things about a fire is that the resulting damages can just keep on coming. One such example that will irk homeowners is smoke damages and water issues as a result of the fire. However, because these problems can prove to be very unsafe to deal with on your own, you should call up a restoration company to deal with the particulars. They have the right tools and techniques, not to mention ample experience in the matter and they can restore your home back to the way it was in no time.

What smoke damages are and how they affect your home:

Smoke damages occur as a result of both the smells and the residues left behind inside your home as a resulting of a fire burning any materials. Each material produces a specific smell of burning, and their level of damages are variable as well. For synthetic materials, the residues left behind are black and oily, and paper leaves behind a powdery residue. The type of cleaning product and the technique used to remove the smell and residues all depend on the kind of materials burnt, and it is important for the restoration team to factor that in.

Fires and their resultant damages can affect a lot of materials inside the home, such as ceilings, clothing, walls, jewelry, furniture, windows, art, books, and photographs. However, even apart from all of this, if the smoke damages inside your home are left untreated for long periods of time, the damage will become permanent.

Filing an insurance claim for smoke damages:

When you have to call up your insurance company, you should keep in mind a couple of things. Firstly, call your insurance agent as soon as you can after a fire. Secondly, don’t forget to stay on top of your insurance policy. Make sure that you are covered for fire and smoke damages in the declarations page, and make sure you are aware of any deadlines that you have to keep up with. Another good practice to keep in mind is to take as many pictures of the damages as possible so you have a record of all of the damages you experienced.

You’ll want to call up a professional restoration team that can offer you all the services you need and also help you in the assessment of damages as a part of their restoration plan. They can also help you gather the information you need to file your insurance claim. This will include the date and location of the incident, the type of damages, your contact information, the police report, estimates of the remediation, the receipts of all repairs and costs, an itinerary of the damages and a timeline of what happened during the fire.

If you ever experience a fire in your home, do not hesitate to call up your local restoration company. Not only will they come up with an effective restoration plan, they will also work with the insurance company to make the filing of your claim as easy as possible.