Why Biohazard Spills and Crime Scenes are Suited for Professional Cleaning

Crime scene cleanup is defined as the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). It is also referred to as biohazard remediation because crime scenes are only a portion of the situations wherein biohazard cleaning is needed.

Other incidents when biohazard cleaning is needed include accidents, suicides, homicides, decomposition after death, mass trauma, industrial accidents, infectious disease contamination, drug/meth lab cleanup, bodily fluids and tissue cleanup, and animal infestation cleanup.

Rules & Regulations

Crime scene cleanup cannot be performed by an average citizen without certification and training.  There are a number of regulations on the local, state, and federal levels when it comes to biohazard cleaning.  Some of these regulations are as follows:

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is the government agency that oversees employee safety.  In order to meet OSHA’s strict regulations for collecting, decontaminating, and disposing of biohazard materials, trained personnel require Bloodborne Pathogen Certification. In the process of receiving this certification, crime scene cleanup professionals learn about the dangers of bloodborne pathogens, how to use cleaning, and personal protection equipment properly, including protective full-body suits, respirators, booties, and gloves. Professionals also learn the regulations for each crime scene cleanup.

The EPA has federal and state regulations regarding the disposal of blood and biological materials to avoid possible negative environmental impacts.  Without knowing these regulations, you could face hefty fines.

The CDC has several booklets and resources regarding emergency response disasters, crime scene cleanup, and hazardous chemicals regulations.

All of these rules and regulations exist for your safety, and to protect you from exposure to dangerous chemicals, diseases, and toxins.

The Professionals

Certain skills are needed for different types of crime scene cleanup.  For example, cleaning of a methamphetamine lab may involve removing walls and shelves; therefore, a construction background is necessary.  Cleaning blood off of the carpet also means cleaning under the carpet.  This task requires professional carpet cleaners.

Rainbow International Restoration is experienced and certified in professional cleaning and restoration services.  Understanding the sensitivity of such situations while providing professional, respectful services is what we do best.  Our certified technicians ensure that all aspects of the scene that could lead to an unhealthy or hazardous environment are removed. The goal is to return the scene to the same condition it was in before the event occurred.

In some cases, the job is complete when cleanup is finished; however, other situations may require restoration such as repairing or replacing drywall, subfloor and other structural components, repainting damaged walls, replacing flooring, and checking plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems for full functionality

Our technicians are appropriately trained, educated, and certified to provide both crime scene cleanup and restoration services for your property.  For more information or to schedule services, please contact us at 757-447-9700.  Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.