Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup

Biohazard CleanupBiohazards can include virus contamination, chemical spills and even uncontained organic substances such as blood or raw sewage. When these types of substances are uncontained on your property, you do not have a moment to lose. The more exposure to these harmful substances, the more health risks occur to the occupants on your property.

Rainbow International is a full service restoration company that specializes in Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup services. There are specific ways to clean these types of hazards, and you want to make sure to reach out to a professional with the proper credentials to get the job done.

In addition to being a full service restoration company, we are also licensed, bonded and insured to take on any sized biohazard or crime scene clean-up project. We have established solid relationships with the insurance adjusters and insurance companies in the area, which allow us to assist during the claims process as well.

If you have experienced damage to your property due to a biohazard instance, trauma on your property or crime, call 877-853-2445 and we will quickly restore your property to its original condition!

Biohazard Clean-up

Certain biological and chemical substances need trained technicians to properly clean the affected areas. If you try to take it on yourself, you could be exposing the occupants of the building or home to severe health risks. The following are examples of biohazard clean up situations where help from a trained professional is essential:

  • Hoarding: A medical condition that is gaining more light in the media and press, residents are living in extreme and severe conditions. Rotting trash, mold, animal feces and other types of waste can be present and dangerous for an untrained professional to take on themselves.
  • Animal Waste: Many times, people will take on more animals than is healthy for the confinements of the home. When this occurs, animal feces may be present in the household which can bring on a series of other health issues.
  • Chemical Spills: Accidents can happen, and when they are surrounding chemicals, you need to call a professional to get the job done. Certain chemicals require specific cleaning methods which a trained professional will be able to correctly address.
  • Meth Lab Restoration: Meth labs are being discovered at an increasing rate. Building materials such as gypsum, carpet and carpet padding are extremely porous and will absorb the chemicals that are used to manufacture methamphetamine. Rainbow International has a specific process that can address meth labs in order to restore the property back to a safe condition.

Crime Scene & Trauma Clean-up

When a crime or severe trauma has taken place in your home or property, it can be an extremely emotional event. Depending on the severity of the situation, organic fluids such as blood or other bodily fluids can disperse and settle in hidden areas that are not obvious to an untrained eye.

When a crime happens on a property, no one can have access until the police are finished with their investigation. In order to complete a thorough investigation, police could take up to 48 hours to complete.

When restoring a property, time is essential. When you give Rainbow International a call regarding a crime scene clean up, we will be onsite as soon as the police deem the property accessible. Utilizing the proper tools such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras will ensure that we address all hidden areas of damage.

During this highly emotional time, we can work directly with your insurance company to help take the load off you. In doing so, we will provide the proper documentation such as photos, sketches, drawings and other required information in order to help your claims process along.

A crime scene should not be cleaned up by a novice. Choose the professional company that can quickly restore your property and your life.

Take Action

During this emotional time, the last thing you need is the added stress of selecting the right restoration company. Not all companies are created equal, however when you choose Rainbow International, you are choosing 30 years of experience, a trained staff of professionals, highly credentialed and a company who can restore your property quickly and effectively.

Servicing the Harford, Baltimore and Cecil counties, we have an established reputation surrounding our fast response and outstanding customer service. Our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to discuss your specific needs.

If you need a technician to evaluate your property, then give us a call at 877-853-2445!